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Tool Steel

Tool steels generally a significantly more than generally or mild grade steel, this is possible due in part to manufacturing processes. As tool steels are manufactured in electric furnaces by a process of melting techniques that impart are offer a higher degree of cleanliness in against open hearth or oxygen furnaces.

Furthermore tool steels are manufactured in smaller batch sizes and they contain a greater amount of alloying elements in comparison to alloy steels, structural or merchant quality steels.

Generically speaking there are somewhere between 60 – 80 types of tool steel in the market place, a reason for so many different tools steels could be a evolutionary process combined with a greater range of applications that tool steels perform in comparison to structural steels.

There are two type of classification of Tools Steels they can be classified by the applications or by their heat treatment process

Classification by application of tool steel:

  • Shock Resistant
  • Cold Work
  • Hot Work
  • High Steel Steel
  • Mould Tool Steel

Classification by heat treatment

  • Water Hardening
  • Oil Hardening
  • Air Hardening

In the selection of tool steels the properties of a steel which remains part of the design process, tool steel can be selected for properties like:

  • Harden-ability
  • Distortion in the hardening process
  • Resistance to carburisation
  • Wear Resistance
  • Toughness
  • Machine-ability

Selecting tool Steel is some times a difficult process the team at Alno Product Services stock a limited amount of tool steel that offer a range of properties for a number of applications.


For more information on machining or treatment of tool steel contact Alno Product Services today.



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