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“Toolmaking knowledge has been pass on over the past 25+ years at Alno Product Services, ok toolmaking has been around since man could walk and today the team at Alno Product Services have the latest in technology, that offers a higher degree of understanding on how a tool will preform prior to producing first off samples,”

Managing Director – Alno Product Services – Mr. Anthony Hamilton

Alno Product Services we have a tradition, that is in toolmaking we pride ourselves on making Australian quality tooling for our company and our clients.

In terms of Toolmaking the team at Alno Product Services offer:

  • Press toolmaking
  • Die Making for Plastics and Die making
  • Tool and Gauge Making
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Recondition of tools and tooling

The team in the Alno Product Services tool-room maintain up to date tools, training and knowledge of the most cost effective machining methods available without compromising the Quality of the tool or product produced by the tooling.

Our clients prefer the Alno Product serves toolmakers because they know that the tooling and intellectual property is in safe hands.

Press Tool

ALNO Product Services are specialists in the design and construction of Press Tools. In general terms press tools are commonly used in hydraulic and mechanical presses to produce pressed or stamped components. Press tools come in various shapes and sizes in recent times ALNO Product Services have produced the following types of tools.

  • ·         Blanking tool
  • ·         Piercing Tool
  • ·         Cut off tool
  • ·         Parting off tool
  • ·         Trimming tool
  • ·         Shaving tool
  • ·         Bending tool
  • ·         Forming tool
  • ·         Drawing tool
  • ·         Progressive tool
  • ·         Compound tool
  • ·         Combination tool
  • ·         Extrusion Tool

The team at ALNO Product Services have many years of experience in design, construction, assembly along with trouble shooting of press tooling, across a range of companies and manufacturers. In addition to automotive sector our team have worked on projects for a number of manufacturing sectors including white goods, aerospace, electrical, garden tools, foot-ware and home furnishings.

Whatever the size or type of press our tools can be custom built to fit your machine tiny parts that fit in manual fly presses, right up to large car skin panel tools requiring huge cast die-sets, forming cams and robotic transfer arms. The ALNO Product Services design team utilize the latest in 3D Design and modelling tools that derive the flat pattern development and 3D complex surfaces when they are required.

For More information on how ALNO Product Services can increase the range of products produced on your presses please feel free to contact us today.


Plastic Injection Mould Tools

ALNO Product Services Plastic Injection Moulding specialises in small to medium plastic injection mouldings.

Injection moulds can be supplied by the client or built by ALNO Product services mould making or ALNO Product services can build the moulds for you ALNO Prodcut Services have been building moulds for over 20 plus years. By utilising ALNO Product services for the toolmaking and injection moulding processes the security or risk of compromising your valuable intellectual property is significantly reduced.

Furthermore by  developing your products at ALNO Product Services in conjunction with mould making and injection moulding is the highest level of security that is available on the market today with regard to intellectual Property. A one stop shop for industrial design, product styling, product structural validation, all the way through to mould making and the injection moulding process.

ALNO Product services, we prefer to undertake work that offers a challenge where other moulders or designers would not consider undertaking the project due to a challenge. This philosophy allows us to offer a high than usual level of quality on the less challenging projects. The industries or sectors that ALNO product Services already have considerable expertise.

These sectors covered have included yet not restricted to:

  • Mining
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Packaging
  • FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Materials Handling
  • Dairy and Bakery
  • Furniture
  • Education, and
  • Primary Industries.

ALNO Product Services – Engineering Your Products Future.

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