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  1. Mat Hu says:


    I need a part produced using 316 Stainless, I can supply 76.2mm solid bar if required.

    PDF with design is attached.

    Would you please advise if you are able to produce this part, approx. cost and turnaround time.

    If you unable to help, would you please advise who on the Coast may be able to assist.



  2. Damien Wen says:

    Please price to machine only 60 off-44.45dia c/w M10 x25 deep each end shafts from 44.45dai H9 316 H9 round bar, and machine only 420 off and 120 off 59 o.d. Hinge pipes from 50NB sch80 316 pipe (60.3 od x 48.6 id) as per drawings.

    Kind regards,

  3. gaga 時計 says:

    Reliable write ups Cheers!

  4. Steve says:

    Hello again

    I looked at the MK Indy car. It’s a lotus 7 kit.

    It’s chassis is ok.

    Maybe that could be a guide. But the cage needs to stiffen a 1968 chassis Lotus 7.

    I hope this clears it a bit for you.

    Thank you

  5. Steve Wu says:


    I wonder if you could help?

    I’m creating a budget for a Lotus 7.

    I’m looking at adding stronger breaks, independent rear end suspension, and possible adding new front suspension too. But also i’d like to add a more powerful engine.

    The Lotus 7 i’ll use is a 1968 model.

    I’ll need to add a cage to stiffen the chassis.The cage will stiffen specific points on the chassis and will be positioned outside of the car. There is key points of contact, like at the rear suspension, the front suspension, and chassis.

    Can you help?

    How many hours work would you expect a job like this might take? What materials do you suggest? Alloy? Aircraft grade alloy? How much money do you expect the raw materials to cost? And how much for labor? And how much do you expect the cage might weight?

    FYI: I’m speaking to an engineer for engine specs. This will come later.

    I understand you can’t answer all of this right now.

    But your help is appreciated.

    Thank you

  6. Simon says:

    hey guys..

    I need a small run of products done on 6mm aluminium with a small rounded bevel all around..

    I have attached drawings with the dimensions etc..

    I only need 10 of each to start with the possibility of more to be ordered..

    Just shopping around for the best price..

    on the top drawing the larger holes are for M8 bolts and the smaller holes M6 bolts

    on the bottom drawing all holes are for M8 bolts..



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