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Precision Machining

High Quality Precision Machining

Precision Machining at ALNO Product Services is one area of machining where we specialise in in many cases other CNC Machine shop or Machine shops contract ALNO to provide Precision Machining services..

The team at ALNO consider precision machining a process where material is removed from a component and a size can be finished with a very high tolerance in comparison to other machining processes.

It is the Small details that matter.

In many cases the tolerance held depends on the machine type and process in general terms most precision machines will not have a problem holding a tolerance of 0.002″ or 0.005mm.

We serve the Automotive, Tooling & Automation, Alternative Fuels, Mining, Oil, Gas, Optics and Food Production Industries. In addition, we supply the necessary tooling, fixtures and gauges to support your in-house production.

The team at ALNO Precision Machining combines the latest 3-D Design tools with the latest in machining technologies. Our team is made up of highly skilled designer and machinists, responsive customer service and creative innovation to meet even the most stringent requirements.

ALNO Precision Machining is ready to provide you with the quality components you deserve.

Central Coast Precision Machining

Precision Machining can be classed in any form of machining such as Milling, Turning, EDM and Jig Boring but also a higher degree combined with a high of surface finish can be achieved through grinding.

The downside to grinding is the rate at which material can be removed, yet a higher degree of surface finish can be obtained.

A precision tolerance is generally specified by a design or engineer which is dependent on the type of fit required for a specific application.

Precision machined items are around in everyday items such as car engines, electric motors or even clocks.

Precision Machining is general more costing than general machining. Our state of the art equipment gives us the repeatability, consistency and quality customers have come to expect.

The team at ALNO can handle precision machining of the smallest parts to large components enclosures for the mining Industry.

Whatever your part requirements are, we have the equipment and the team to produce quality components at competitive prices.


Precision CNC Machining Simulation

CNC simulation machining software has widely been misunderstood or it has been available for the past 20 years and rarely used by CNC Machine shops that focus has been getting components out at the cheapest possible cost in the shortest possible time.

At ALNO – Precision CNC Machining our team use CNC simulation machining software accurately models CNC machine tools in order simulate the post processed version of an CNC program.

Why would a machine shop use CNC simulation machining software:

  1. Solid models. Cost effective modelling tools available today along with cost effective process to create a 3-D model. SolidWorks has been a market leader from the late 1990’s the Team at ALNO Precision Machining have been using SolidWorks since 2001
  2. Higher value work. Australian CNC component manufacturers can now see more lucrative machining opportunities, which involve parts that are geometrically challenging and from a wider range of challenging materials. Where the part value is higher, the value of avoiding an error or collision that could damage the part becomes that much higher as well.
  3. Capacity constraints. Many shops today have enough work that they are challenged to schedule it all. Performing program prove-out on the machine, therefore, becomes a costly use of machine capacity. Better to prove out the program with software instead.

CNC Precision Machining

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