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Node Machining

Node Machining

Node Machining offers architects some amazing opportunities to create amazing structures. A suitable challenge for the modern contract machine shop, Node machining is not a simple as machining as per a drawing and putting your hand out for payment even if the nodes if together or not. The team at ALNO CNC Machining offer a complete solution when it comes providing nodes machined. Our team have met the software, know how, erection, and quality challenges of Node Machining  

Software suitable for Node Machining

The trick with selecting the correct software for your project is to understand what you the final output you are looking for or the project requires. Traditionally drafts-persons or more recently CAD designers have out putted there designs on paper yet today paper out limits the potential out puts or adds additional cost in terms of detailing drafting time to a project. As 3-D solid cad models get more complex the use of traditional paper output for designers has reduced as the amount of detailing to detail complex shapes can be quite challenging especially if the geometry has been generated mathematically. Programs such as Mathematica, Blender, Math-Node, Revit, Advanced Steel and SolidWorks all contribute to the end-product. Today the simple draftsperson is expected to be fluent in a range of software’s and have an engineering degree in mathematics to derive and suitable design. The design output also needs to open to finite element analysis or finite element method to under displacement or stress acting on a structure.    

CNC Machining of Nodes

CNC machining of nodes is the simplest process as the program has been created for the machinist and the machinist just needs to ensure raw materials are feed to the machine and the quality of the machined node is line with the design expectations. Quality checking generally takes form of gauge sets and or gauge blocks yet many projects don’t have the budget for creating a complete range of gauge sets for the checking of node variations. Accuracy and precision of CNC machine tools certainly out stripes the accuracy required for a building structure as the amount of variation of a building site of loose datum combined with uneven concrete surfaces pose a different challenge for the tolerance of a structural. The risk of having the manufactured Tons of steel ready for erection. Having a range of nodes of various shapes and sizes with small variations identified and ready to fit together with precision tolerances to suit fabricated structures which can only be developed with experience.        

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