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Economical EDM Machining

The team at ALNO Product Services is one of the few specialist precision engineering companies that combine the plant and machining expertise to provide EDM sinking capabilities.
For Economical EDM Machining there is no quantity to large or too small as our team can machine components in a batch sizes from 1 to 1000s.
The Accurate and Economic Machining of Exotic Materials
Exotic materials including A-286 Superalloys, Medical Grade Stainless, Food Grade Stainless Steel, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Titanium, Bisalloy, tungsten carbide, molybdenum, and copper can all be machined. In most cases materials can be machined without the risk of heat treatment with regard to hardened form and profile thus offering higher utilization of valuable materials is provided through chipless machining.
EDM Machining offers Absolute Consistency Between Machined Parts particularly when measured against traditional or CNC machining.

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