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Defence Componet Machining

Alno Product Services started Defence Componet Machining 2006 supplying 1st tier Defence Contractors

The team at Alno Product Services supply a variety of mechanical components both machined parts and sub- assemblies to a selection of 1st tier Defence contractors. Projects have varied from, land, sea, air or security systems, Alno Product Services strive to protect the timescales and reputations of those supplying the equipment to protect our nation.

The Flexible manufacturing systems at Alno Product Services is the key, and large or small batches can be supplied either to a schedule, or on a demand-pull basis.

As a Design, Machine and Assemble services provider, we manage a variety of treatments and specialist processes, and ensure the product is delivered in the most timely and cost-effective manner. Part accuracy is maintained through the use of tool- and part-probing techniques within the machining cycle ensuring every component machined reflects both the design specification.

ALNO Product Services prides itself on being an active member with the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN) in supporting defence contractors in Australian.

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