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CNC Turning

CNC Turning is a key competency at ALNO Product Services our first class services has been derived by investing in human resources and the latest in technology which has increased our control and predictability of our machining and CNC Turning processes.


CNC Machining

CNC Turning Processes

The Team at ALNO Product Services have developed a standardized process when it comes to CNC Turning. This process of machining includes yet is not limited to the following machining processes:

Parting Taper Turning Boring Knurling
Cutting Straight Turning Drilling Counter Boring
Facing Threading External Counter Sinking Roll Forming
Contour Turning Threading Internal Pocketing Reaming
Form Turning Internal Forming Profiling Tapping


Machining Tolerances

With great pride out team machine to tolerances

  • Straightness: ± 0.0254mm or 0.001”
  • Concentricity: ± 0.0254mm or 0.001”
  • Outside Diameter ± 0.0254mm or 0.001”
  • Internal Diameter ± 0.0254mm or 0.001”
  • Length ± 0.025mm or 0.001”

Industries Serviced

At ALNO Product Services our CNC Turning facilities service industries like:
Areospace Defence Marine Maintenance Repair Overhaul
Agricultural Electronic Medical Oil & Gas
Architectural Food Military Packaging / Converting
Automotive Components FMCG Manufacturing Pharmaceutical
Chemical Machine Tool Mining & Mining Services Research – Universities

Materials Machined

Our team has vast experience machining or CNC Turning of a wide selection of materials and in many cases the work we are engaged in research machining of new materials with a couple of the local universities a complete list of materials of material machined at ALNO Product Services can be found at ALNO Materials Machined ALNO Product Services provide machining services Australia wide yet the Majority of clients come from the following regions Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and the Hunter Valley. We take pride in Australia manufacturing having trained more than 30 odd apprentices over our 25 years of existence, management that the view that in training or providing our children with skills for the future will not only for their future provide yet they secure ours as well.


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