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CNC Machining


Component Machining and Toolmaking is how Alan Nottingham started Alno Product Services over 30 +years ago in the United Kingdom.

The team at Alno Product Services offer predictable and yet repeatable results in term od machining components be it manual machining or CNC Machining

Our quality management systems are specifically designed for tight tolerances and or high-precision machining processes.  By stabilizing and standardizing our processes and manufacturing controls, we can reduce our lead times and improve the efficiency and profitability of your manufacturing.

This focus on stable, predictable customer relationships supports ongoing investments in new technologies. We allocate resources more effectively while leveraging our experience with precision cnc machining.

Offer high-volume, multi-year production runs or repetitive batch cycles, we also have the flexibility to handle quick changes, such as running 10 units of a prototype for design validation or making minor changes in an existing part.


CNC Machining

Today our component manufacturing is generally of components that many companies cannot or do not seek to manufacture. This is a credit to the team at ALNO Product Services. Some of our customers believe it is out higher degree of understanding of mechanical engineering, where as in many engineering jobbing shops it is about pressing a button as making parts as fast as possible without understanding the engineering form or function of a component or a product.

ALNO Product Services have developed a reputation for high quality machining services on both challenging and non challenging project or components. Evidence can be found in our customer based there was a period not that many years ago where a little under 50% of our clients / Revenue stream was derived from a number of German companies with facilities based in Australia requiring fast turn a round machining services.

Numerical Control

ALNO product Services offer a NC machining process for many of our custom machined component. Numerical control machining is a process of controlling machine tools or cutting tools with regard to its position. Automation through a controlled program produces a high degree of consistency or quality in comparison to traditional machining processes. In General terms NC machining has a high cost in terms of smaller volumes due to set up and machine hourly cost rates in comparison to traditional machining rates. The benefits of CNC machining offer a higher degree of constancy or variance between products along with lower cost with regard to larger batch sizes.      

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