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Prototype Machining

Prototype Machining at ALNO CNC Machining


The team at Alno Product Services We undertake prototype machining of billet machined components, machined castings and assemblies. Working closely with the customer we can assist in design development advising on best machining practices, materials and production techniques. As a small dynamic company we are also happy to undertake revisions, usually at short notice.

CNC Machining

Design Assistance

We are happy to provide design assistance at all levels from interpreting verbal specifications and concepts through to CAD design and drawing preparation. Whist we expect customers to have a clear idea of what they require, we are more than happy to provide advise on engineering principals such as wall thickness, proximity of holes to edges and preferred use of three primary working axis etc. In many instances a customer might have a component that requires excessive machining; we can recommend design modifications to simplify the production engineering requirements whilst maintaining the original mechanical specifications.

CNC Turning

Copy Machining & Reverse Engineering

We can copy obsolete parts directly in the case or turned parts, or prepare technical drawings for re manufacture. We can also reverse engineer components, dismantling larger assemblies and both replicate component function and improve performance characteristics.

Design Revision

We can make design changes quickly, either through primary CAD design or through the modification of machine stored cutting programs. It is not uncommon for items to reach 8-10 revisions.

Production Techniques

When time is money, reducing the production time is critical to the bottom line, especially in large volumes. We can assist in evaluating prototype production techniques including reducing multiple set up times, minimizing cross machine transfers, ie milling/turning operations and optimizing roughing and finishing operations.

 CNC Machining

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  1. admin says:

    At ALNO CNC Machining we offer the highest quality in terms of rapid prototyping in Australia.

    ALNO CNC Machining is a professional prototyping manufacturer with more than 35 years experience.

    Our team sincerely hoping to grow our established business please feel free to contact our team today.

    Experience the difference

    ALNO CNC Machining Services:

    1) SLA
    2) Silicone Molding
    3) CNC precision machining (3-axis,4-axis,5-axis)
    4) Sheet Metal
    5) small-lot production
    6) Surface treatment ( spraying painting, powder coating, sand blasting, electroplating, silk screen printing, anodizing….)
    7) CNC Machining

    The benefits of working with ALNO CNC Machining:

    High quality & Low cost & Fast delivery.

    We can offer a sample to test.

    Team ALNO CNC Machining

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